Tips for the Holiday Season

     Holiday season is full of indulgence. It is also the most busiest time because we go to parties, spend time with friend and family, and we have a very hard time to find time for exercise. Here are some tips that can help you to stay on track.
1. When in Doubt, Eat First
The best defense against holiday bingeing is a good offense. Eating a small, low-GI meal on the way to a holiday party - or snacking lightly while getting ready definitely helps curb the appetite. Walking into a party full will prevent you from ravaging appetizers on arrival. One of my favorite supplements that helps me at the parties is  TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor; it makes me feel fuller faster.
2. Don't Drink Too Many Calories

It is important during the season to practice moderation to prevent indulging in too many liquid calories. Try to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water to maintain hydration and avoid hunger pangs.
3. For Holiday Stress, Choose Pampering Up Over Pigging Out
Endless hours at the malls, traffic and restaurants over the holiday season can definitely take its toll. Often stress shows as hunger, but instead of overindulging in a false comfort, indulge in real comfort such hot bath or massage. Sipping on a little decaffeinated herbal tea can go a long way as well. When holidays stress mounts a surprise attack, TLS ACTS can provide support and help to keep the stress under control.
4. Keep Your Own "Naughty and Nice" List by Using a Food Log
Food and exercise journaling is very beneficial. Those who keep food logs also keep things realistic, remain honest and get to know their triggers. Through that, they stay in their optimal weight and body fat range all year long. A food log kept during the holidays can make all the difference between a season that's a pleasure to remember, and one that's best forgotten.
5. Find Time to Exercise
The key to exercise during the holidays is to improvise and minimize. Picking simple movements and alternating between them when you have a few minutes will help to keep you in shape through the season, and also make the return to full-time fitness much easier.
     Weight loss strategies are simple to implement during the holidays with a little planning, a little focus, and a little willpower. You can still indulge a little in holidays treats, as long as holidays treats are the exception and not the rule. Keeping your holiday indulgence under control will help you to walk into the new year guilt-free.

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