A Guide to Toned Body - Glutes and Hamstrings Part 2

   The muscles of the glutes and hamstrings are working anytime when we are standing. However, many of us spending most of our days sitting; inactivity impacts these muscles in a negative way. Our hips muscles become not only weak, they forget how to contract. Weak glutes and hamstrings disrupt the muscular balance of the body, which can easy cause pain and injuries in knees, hips, and lower back. You have to make your glutes and hamstrings workout a top priority.

   One of the common mistakes that are done by some people is that they train their quads harder than hamstrings. The problem is that it creates muscle imbalances between their quadriceps and hamstrings. You should do leg workouts twice a week; concentrate on quads one day and concentrate on hamstrings the other day. When you train your quads, do couple exercises for hamstrings as well to prevent imbalance, and when you work on your hamstring, add couple quads exercises as well.
    You can also do glutes and hamstrings exercises at your home using your own body weight, dumbbells or a Swiss ball.
    Here is a workout that can be done at home or at the gym. Firm glutes and shapely hamstrings do not come for free, you have to work for it.

Exercise Set Reps  Rest
1. Braced Squat 4 12-15 30sec
2. Hip Raise on a Swiss Ball 4 15-20 30sec
3. Dumbbell  Split Suqat 4 12-15 30sec
4. Sliding Leg Curls on a Swiss Ball 4 15-20 30sec
5. Dumbbell Deadlift 4 12-15 30sec

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