Choosing a Concealer - Creating Flawless Skin Part 1

    Everybody wants to have a flawless skin. As we age, our skin tone gets uneven; we also might have some other issues such as dark spots, broken capillaries or veins, blemishes, dark circles under eyes and etc. However, you can create a flawless, glowing skin if you will use the right product and technique.
    In order to create a flawless skin, you need to have couple shades of concealer. It is also beneficial to invest in a corrector if you have very dark circles under eyes. Peach or pink corrector will help you to camouflage darkness under eyes. In some cases, it will be enough to use only a corrector to cover dark circles but in some cases, you might need to apply a concealer over a corrector.

    A good concealer can be your best friend because it can help you to improve your skin appearance dramatically - but only if it is invisible. You need to apply a concealer to the discolored skin. You should be careful with a concealer because is has a different texture than foundation. If you are not careful with concealing, you can draw attention to the fine lines especially if you will use it too much.

    It is important to find a perfect concealer for your skin. Concealer comes in a multitude of formulations and textures. Different textures are used for different problem areas, and it is important to match it to the problem area.
    Stick concealers provide full coverage. They are very dry in texture. Some of them are creamier, and some of them are less moist. If you will use a stick concealer to cover dark circles under eyes, choose creamier texture. You can use stick concealer with drier texture to cover blemishes, dark spots or veins.
    Pot concealer provides similar, full coverage to stick concealer but it is formulated with more moisturizing ingredients and it is not quite as thick. It is perfect for concealing flaws because it provides great coverage and versatility.
  Tube concealer has a light creamy texture that will not collect in fine lines, and it is great for mature skin. It also provides a terrific coverage and is perfect for covering dark circles under eyes. It does not have the staying power of drier formulas, so it might not be the best choice for other spots and discoloration on the face. Tube concealer can be mixed with moisturizer or foundation to create a sheerer product.

  Highlighter pen contains light-reflecting particles, which brings forward recessed areas of the face and hide minor flaws. However, it is not a concealer. It works by highlighting recessed areas, such as the dark shadows created by bags, wrinkles, deep creases, and the inside corners of eyes. Applying the highlighter to a shadowed area brightens it and makes it appear less distinct.

  Personally, I like a creme concealer. It covers well dark circles, discoloration, and hyper-pigmentation. It also conditions skin without caking and delivers moisture to dry area under eye. Liquid correction concealer is my other favorite concealer, and it has thicker texture and provides medium to full, long-lasting coverage. If discoloration is only slight, you should try to cover it with the second layer of foundation. However, in most cases, you will need to use a concealer to cover imperfections and discoloration. If you will choose a correct formula of concealer, you will be able to create a flawless look with no problem.

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