How to Stay on Track of Your Healthy Living Goals during the Holiday Season

It is hard to believe the holidays are here, and it is very easy to start over-indulging and forgetting about our healthy living goals. While candies and other treats in moderation are fine for many, for some people fun-sized candy bars and deserts can spell a diet disaster that can lead to uncontrolled eating. Don’t get tricked into over-indulging in holiday treats; you do not want to jeopardize your hard work at the gym and healthy living goals.
In order to take control of your nutrition during the holiday season, you need to prepare for it mentally.  You should identify how you relate to trigger foods and whether you can overcome a temptation or you need to learn to manage it. Here are some strategies that can help you to get through a very challenging time of year.

• When you are tempted to reach for the candy bowl, question your motives every time and evaluate your emotional state. If you want to eat sweets because of boredom, stress, or sadness, you need to find another way to cope. Sometimes, talking to someone about your problem can help you to improve your emotional state.
• Keeping food records is one of the best strategies for weight loss and weight maintenance. Track your calories every day and especially during holidays. Commit to writing down all the foods you eat, including the candies and other holiday treats, and you will be less likely to over-indulge. One of the best websites to track calories is
• Do not keep candies or sweets at your house or workplace. Always have a healthy snack with you; it will prevent you from eating wrong food.
• Maintain your workout routine throughout the holiday season no matter how busy your schedule gets and do not take a holiday from working out.
• Don't make food the focus of holidays. Food should not be one of major aspects for getting together with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones and have a great time.
• Avoid sweets altogether if you are unable to eat in moderation. If you go to a party, bring a healthy food with you or pick the healthiest food available at the event. When you feel you have a choice, it is easier to set boundaries.

Make a difference this holiday by staying on track of your healthy living goals, and you won’t have to struggle for months to shed unwanted pounds after the holiday season.

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