Staying Dedicated to Your Fitness Goal

How many of you fell off the wagon while trying to achieve your fitness goal? It is so easy to deviate from your diet, and the hardest part is to move on and continue pursuing your goal.  We follow the nutrition plan 100% for several weeks but then our mind starts craving some food that it is not on our plan. Well, when it happens, sooner or later you will give in. The trick is not to binge.  You can have a cheat meal, and go back to your plan right after it. You probably know this guilty feeling, that you should not have done it but you have to get over this guilt, forget about it, and move on.  If you will start thinking about it over and over again, you might end up reaching for another peace of chocolate or whatever it might be. When you have been on a diet for some time, it can be beneficial to eat something completely different because your metabolism will spike, and your body will appreciate it. However, I am not saying you should do it often. Once a month is fine. My advice is follow your plan 100%. It is beneficial to implement a cheat meal in your plan once in a while because you will be better off mentally and will stick to your diet for as long as you have to.

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